Whilst the gallery shooter has never been the most populated genre of shooty bang explosion things, the rarity of finding a decent one makes the few that do exist all the more precious. That most of the really good ones of recent times are pretty much lost from the mainstream (or will be lost when this last generation wraps up the servers in time) and the few that seem to creep through these days come with shops, upgrades and all the boring trappings of gotta-hook-them-all, the disappearance of a really good one from the net is a thing that depresses me a tad.


And so it is with Deadeye, a Redpoint game previously available from the now mainly dormant web magazine Way Of The Rodent over ten or so years ago, it’s a pitch perfect take on the Galaga/Galaxian theme with one eye on more modern ideas of precision and risky scoring. To its credit it’s a game that fits right at home in the great arcade gallery shooter pantheon, only slightly dated by its use of 3d rendered art.

But as is the way of the internet, despite making the occasional brief return, Deadeye has been lost to time as Redpoint:The Music kinda took its place. (As a sidenote, Redpoint:The Music is really, really good and you should check it out.)

It’s a bit janky round the edges being so old now and I didn’t have much joy getting the fullscreen version running in Windows 8 but the windowed version still works and looks and plays just fine.

So let’s not lose Deadeye from the internet and to time.

Download and play the game for Windows.