Passage: The Sequels

Today’s “Have you played?” on RPS reminded me that in the true spirit of Hellraiser, you’d be surprised by just how many sequels to Passage there are out there. However, unlike Hellraiser, they’re not rubbish after the first one. Possibly. Oh, and they’re definitely not “official” either. There is always that, I guess.

Still, who needs official when we’re dealing with the very soul of being a human? Or a hedgehog. Or something. I’m not sure how Passage works, really.

No spoilers, so here’s a list. I’ve probably missed a few out and if so, sorry! Someone nudge me over twitter with any missing or something.

Passagebalt is a personal favourite, in case you were wondering.

Reverse Passage
Reverse Passage 2: Mother’s Edition
Sonic Passage
This Might Be Passage
Pulp Passage
A ZX81 Tribute To Passage (not actually a ZX81 game)
Passage III: Passsaaaaaaaaaage In Spaaaaaaaaaaace
Passage IV: Race to the Grave
Passage 4 Kidz
Andrew W.K.’s Passage
Infinite Passage
Passage 9: Let’s Learn About The Digestive System!
Passage 18: Jason Rohrer’s Pro Skater: PHYSIX