Ah man, I don’t know how many people told me that I should really get round to playing Ubermosh but OK OK I HAVE GOT ROUND TO PLAYING UBERMOSH, SHUT UP NOW.

It’s almost like folks knew it would be the kind of thing I really, really liked. And like it I do. It is a short-form arcade game, the bastard child of my own War Twat and Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne sort of but not at all. You spawn in the middle of an arena, enemies come at you. They fire bullets. You have a sword so you chop the bullets up. Kill an enemy with your sword and you get to load up on guns. Load up on guns to shoot enemies but you’ll still need to slice enemy bullets with your sword. You will die in short order. Then you’ll start again.

It’s fantastic. It’s stupid as all anything but what a tremendous sort of stupid. And it really, really helps that it’s got some sort of pixel-shareware-industrial chic that sometimes makes it feel like its a game that existed in the nineties but we kinda forgot about it or something. I dunno.

As games that last around 30 seconds if you’re lucky go, it’s up there as a grand one.