Watching: Rob’s Retro Rambles on Technician Ted

In all honesty, there’s a strong likelihood that Technician Ted might well be the game I played the most of during the eighties, even allowing for the existence of Jet Set Willy. I really like that strand of platformer, okay?

Going back to it in recent years and I’m not entirely sure how I managed it given the difficulty curve could politely be described as “vertical”. Not only is it brutally hard but at a certain point, it ups the difficulty even further by draining your lives without you having to put in any effort.

I’ve talked about this on here before and with the additional wrinkle that Ted is a scab.

However, I still have a fondness for it despite everything. I’m still disappointed that the follow up, Costa Capers, just wasn’t good at all and a further game managed to be so awfully racist that even C&VG couldn’t ignore it, offering a “if you can ignore the background…” as scant consolation.

Anyway. Where were we? Oh yeah, Technician Ted then. Rob (another Rob, not me or the other Rob) takes an amble through the game for a short while and it’s fascinating to see how someone else takes to this wickedly unfair work, experiencing it for the first time.

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