Edge Issue 1: Super Mario All Stars

It’s kind of strange reading back over issue one of Edge again. What seemed like profound insight in 1993 now reads like tremendously overenthusiastic bluster as the magazine tries to find its voice.

It’s certainly a way away from the restrained, austere magazine* that is current Edge and quite different to what Edge would become in next to no time regardless. Of course, this was the nineties and bullshit in videogames pretty much peaked throughout and one of the most entertaining things from reading nineties videogame magazines is wading through to find some videogame bullshit gems.

I tend to go through phases of rummaging through magazines and taking clippings. I’ve realised that I now have a bunch of folders full of these things that I share on Twitter and, as a result, entirely lose whatever context there was because I am bad at filing. So, rather than repeat those mistakes again and again, I’m going to start stashing some of my favourites up on here as and when I remember.

There’s quite a bit of gold in the first issue of Edge but the one quote that always catches my eye when reading through is this absolute gem:

Considering how controlled corporate communications are now, how when talking shit about a competitor is now done with a nod and a wink – it’s worth remembering there was a time where people in videogames happily zinged other people or companies in videogames and the press would have an all too regular field day with this stuff.

And I love this one so much because, well, look at it. A compilation of Mario games versus the very future of all videogames (if you believed the hype, anyway)

I don’t, not by a long chalk, want to see a return to those days. I think for all our flaws and awfulness, videogames are better off without a lot of the antagonism and silliness the nineties baked into our culture. Just, you know, I’m still human and this quote is funny as all get out.

*I use these terms affectionately, it’s not without its problems but I still look forward to reading Edge each month