We Are Doomed

We Are Doomed is one of my fave shooters of the past few years and it’s out now on the Xbox One and PS4. Steam version follows next week.

I love We Are Doomed a whole lot. So much so that six months ago I described it as “one of the best arena shooters ever made” and I’m not willing to change that judgement in any sort of hurry. I’ve long argued for the game as pop single, I’ve talked on here about the game as prog record, We Are Doomed is the videogame as Emeralds.

And that’s kinda OK, you know? I am absolutely OK with this. Even if I am being a bit unfair because the soundtrack is very much its own brand of ambient-wibbly-prog-synth stuff and it’s very, very good in and of itself without some idiot on the internet trying to draw comparisons.

The unfortunate thing about We Are Doomed is that whilst it looks spectacular when you’re playing it, I don’t think this really translates too well into a video or a trailer. Not really singling We Are Doomed out for this either, I guess. It’s a thing with arena shooters. So I’ll just say trust Matt Lees on this, he’s not wrong.

For me, the thing I like about it most is that it’s a game that makes the most of not very much. It’s pure in a way that videogames aren’t really allowed to be nearly enough. There’s no fluff or filling with progress based unlocks and whatever other tat people decide to throw in to keep people hooked. It’s just a very good videogame and it’s content to be that. I dearly wish more games were content to be that, y’know?

I don’t need to be tricked into coming back to a game if the game’s just bloody great, ta. I’ll remember it and still play it for years to come. Not really sure how we forgot this is a thing that can happen. It’s certainly a thing I wish the new Geometry Wars had remembered but hey ho. You can’t have everything.

So yeah, We Are Doomed. Go play that. It’s great. I’ve been playing it on and off for six months and it’s only got better in its new incarnation so I guess I’ll be playing it on and off for years to come.