Lullaby For A Heartsick Spacer


Man, I’m so tired y’know? Between kids, cats, caring, making games and life, it really wears you down at times. I sat there a week or so ago and tried to wrestle with how long it had been since I last had what most normal human beings would call a comfortable night’s sleep and I came up with “around 4 years”.

Maybe that’s why Lullaby For A Heartsick Spacer resonates so much?

I can totally empathise with the idea of just wanting to be somewhere, anywhere, quiet and just lying down for a nap. And if that’s in a cave in outer space, well, if that’s what it takes, right? But it’s not just that, I know it’s not just that. It’s the whole games as peaceful things too. We’re long overdue exploring these avenues and for me, doing just that is the best thing to come out of the new wave of people adding to what-videogames-are.

Lullaby For A Heartsick Spacer then. It’s a game where you go and sleep when you want to, where you want. In space.