Super Exploding Zoo

Super Exploding Zoo for the Playstation 4 and PSVita from Honeyslug

Super Exploding Zoo is a game about exploding monkeys, for the PS Vita and Playstation 4

I have a weird relationship with Honeyslug games. It’s sorta not just that I like them a lot (and I do like them a lot), it’s a kids thing.

It started with the Vita and Frobisher Says. Kid looks at it, he’s like “Dad, can I?” and I’m hardly likely to say no to something as ridiculous and silly as Frobisher Says, am I? So I dutifully hand over the Vita and off the kid goes.

“Frobisher Says, find something green”, sneers the voice from the Vita because Frobisher is really, really sneery.

And my kid can’t. He’s completely lost. He’s just pointing the Vita at anything at this point. A stool, a cabinet, a wall. Hasn’t got a clue what to do. Turns out, he’s red/green colour blind and the only reason we found out was because Frobisher said.

A few days after this, it’s tested and confirmed. Thanks Frobisher.

I love Hohokum. But not as much as the kids do

Then there’s Hohokum. Man, I love Hohokum. But not as much as the kids do.

I’ve got two kids now and there’s a massive age gap between the pair of them. Sort of what happens when you’re told there won’t be any more so you throw caution to the wind and hahaha, turns out that’s not necessarily the case after all.

So there’s the younger one and the older one and there’s many years between them. Hohokum shuts the pair of them up. I’ve never seen the likes before. Eldest cruises around with his kite thing whilst the youngest stares in awe of what’s on the screen, sometimes they swap but mainly he plays the game, she watches. Quietly. They both do this so quietly.

Nothing, and I’m not even exaggerating here, nothing else has ever managed this. Especially not for an hour or more at a time. It’s ridiculous. Hohokum, it’s so good it shuts kids up who never shut up from about 10 paces. And I do love it too and not just because it hushes the kids although I’d be a liar if I denied that it certainly helps.

Myself, I enjoyed Passing Time a lot and I’ll be sad to see it disappear when PSM goes under soon and I try not to play Kahoots because you end up singing that bloody theme song and make it stop.

OK. Just play it one more time, it’ll be OK.

Alright, it’s not just a kids thing, it’s a me thing.

But I am looking forward to tomorrow when I get to show my kid Super Exploding Zoo because I know, I just know, he’ll love it too.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how you couldn’t. It’s got penguins that explode and if ever there was a thing to make you love a game unequivocally, it’s exploding penguins right? No questions. Hush at the back.

It’s a game where you explode penguins, where monkeys use dynamite, where crocodiles valiantly lay themselves down before you to make a bridge, it’s a game where even the hub is a joy as your animals career around the place exploding the zoo up because what else would animals in a super exploding zoo do but explode a zoo?

It’s a game where you have to stop a monster from licking your egg whilst you’re not looking. Nobody wants a monster licking their egg.

Nobody wants a monster licking their egg

You stop the monster from reaching your egg by getting together a gang of exploding animals and exploding them on the monster until the monster is exploded him/herself. There’s a hatchery where you throw exploding animals at an egg to break an egg to get another exploding animal.

Look. It’s really good but you know the best thing about it that isn’t the game bit? It’s the sound effects. They’re perfect. I’m not sure if you could have got more fitting noises recorded for exploding animals if you tried and it’s just really hard not to grin whilst your playing it because a) you’re exploding penguins all over the shop and b) when you do, they sound fantastic. If real penguins exploded with such joyous noises, I’m not sure if I could stop myself. I’d be arrested in no time, I swear.

Norman Stanley Rob, you have pleaded guilty to the charges brought by this court and it is now my duty to pass sentence. You are a habitual penguin exploder…

I guess I like games that can make me smile. Partly because so few actually do. Not proper full on “this makes me so happy” grins. So it’s nice that Super Exploding Zoo keeps that Honeyslug tradition up of finding me things to smile about.

And like I say, I can’t wait to see the kid’s face with it tomorrow. Will he like to pop penguins just like his old dad? There’s only one way to find out.