Spacepants is the best game about going round in a circle forever and ever and ever that ever ever ever got made.

Described as an endless runner in a single room, it’s a game where you go round and round and round and round to collect coins, jump or quickly switch directions to avoid being skewered by one of a myriad of baddies and it’s… it’s so so good.

It’s arcade loud, it’s ridiculously compulsive and it’s by a (then) 12 year old kid. As a grown up, I’d be happy to have made a game like this, never mind.

Spacepants is brilliant. And, you know, it’s called SPACEPANTS. SPACE PANTS. SPAAAAAACEPAAAAANTS. This is how videogame naming should work but it rarely does in favour of Manshooter:The Manshooting,