It’s a work in progress and a shinier version is on the cards but I’ve been enjoying myself with Thrunt as-is.

Thrunt is the nudge nudge wink wink of videogames. Thrunt is the ‘ooh matron’ to a world that lost the fine art of a double entendre in favour of ‘look at that, see that thing you saw elsewhere? That LOL’ which so preoccupies videogames. It is, perhaps, a bit more Finbarr Saunders than Carry On, mind you. It’s the videogame of a fourteen year old digging out Derek And Clive tapes for the first time. It contains the words ‘fanny hole’.

Whatever else it is, Thrunt is a giant scrawl of schoolboy sniggering made game.

I mean, it’s called Thrunt and that sounds bit like (Brunt – Ed).

Its name makes perfect sense as a portmanteaux, mixing as it does the now traditional game of Thrust with the more established game of swearing at inanimate objects. It brings N style difficulty to one of the elder statesmen of videogame designs. It doesn’t always work, at times it can feel like stages are dragged out just a little bit too far given the punishing difficulty Thrunt inflicts upon you but the controls feel just about right enough, the idea just about right enough that I’m excited to see where things end up.

For a few quid, it seems worth ducking in on the ground floor and watching the game becoming everything it is planned to become. I’ve been keeping an eye on it for a while now and I’m happy to see it heading in a prettier, less just blocked out direction. In the meantime, it’s a fun and exciting challenge – maybe not always to complete a level but pretty much always in avoiding calling a videogame some absurd swears as you thrunt into a box a little too fast, a little too hard.