Read: Rebind on A Games For Windows 95 Sampler

The mid 90s were largely the point where I’d ducked out from keeping up with videogames, unwisely choosing an almost self destructive fuck it all hedonistic lifestyle instead.

Not entirely, mind – I rushed to grab a PlayStation as soon as I could but it was quickly relegated to night time to early morning background noise and to my eternal pride, recovering from hangovers playing largely stress free games aimed more at kids.

Admittedly, I did grab a PC a few years later but, erm, yeah. Didn’t really do much with that beyond running up huge phone bills via the medium of the internet.

Anyway! So not only do I not remember huge chunks of the nineties, my videogame and related things knowledge has a huge gap that I’ve slowly been enjoying filling in. Cos you know, missing out on chunks of videogames just means more games to try! The best kind of silver lining, if you ask me.

Of course, it also means I’m often on the lookout not just for guidance around what to play but to read about the games and ephemera around them that I missed. (As a side note, much love to folks like Anatoly for not only being lovely but also a treasure trove of knowledge around stuff that passed me by.)

Once again though, Rebind are poking at stuff that tends to remain unpoked at (that’s the technical term) by a lot of folks, in this case it’s a Games For Windows 95 sampler.

Molyneux only knows how long I relied on cover tapes, cover disks, demo discs and what have you to discover new games.

When I did find my way back to videogames at the start of the century, I threw what little money I had down on magazines with ridiculous amounts of stuff thrown onto coverdisks to tide me over between big box videogames. I have a certain level of thankfulness for this sort of thing because without demo and cover disks, I doubt I’d have quite the eclectic tastes I do have. I certainly didn’t have the money to buy my way to one, you know?

Have a read of Rebind then and don’t forget they also have a Patreon where you can support them with money if you’ve got some spare.