It’s a simple videogame fact that there aren’t, and can never be, enough cat games. It’s unpossible.

I’ve had my eye on Calico for a while now because “magical girls restore a cat cafe” is the best sort of premise for, well, anything really. Also because it looks absolutely beautiful.

And absolutely everything to do with chonky cats. Everything. Not even kidding.

As if that isn’t enough, it’s not just cats.

Thinking on, there aren’t enough games I get to ride around on a broomstick in either*

What I’m trying to say is Calico is absolutely a Day 1 purchase. Whilst writing this short ooh piece, the youngest insisted I pop the trailer on for them to look at and I can say that’s 2 people who definitely want Calico for definitely definite. Definitely.

Did I mention you can ride cats in Calico? You can ride cats. There’s just no contest, really.

*curiously, Destiny 2 is one where I can. Videogames.