Lovely Weather We’re Having

One of my constant laments with games is that we don’t have many things I could appropriately describe as “nice”.

Noby Noby Boy is “nice”, Metamorphabet is “nice”, Hohokum is “nice”. There’s a small handful of folks who are good at making things you could describe as nice whilst the rest of the game-me-do-verse preoccupies itself with mainly-not-nice.

I try and bring a bit of niceness to my own work, keeping things polite, respectful and encouraging but ultimately they’re still games about a neon fish blowing stuff up so as a whole, they’re not really all that nice regardless of how much I abstract it.

Lovely Weather We’re Having is nice. It’s the full nice at that.


A game where you pop out of your cottage ingame to see how the weather in real life has effected the world around your cottage. You nip around, play with a few things, have a bit of an explore, watch how the colours have changed and chat to folks before calling it quits until the next time.

I’ve talked to a chum who was happy that whilst today it might have been raining, at least the river was blue today for a change. I’ve talked to a chum who enjoyed the rain bouncing on her brain. I kicked a fallen tree into a cornfield, nudged some seeds that made a boinging sound and made a mess of some tiny houses by accident. Well, I didn’t know someone would leave a load of tiny houses lying around on the floor like that, did I?

When night came, I nipped out for a walk again and went for a little swim, just me and my dog. The dog didn’t jump in but instead watched from the jetty as I splashed around by myself. I got up, out and went back home before promising myself to come back another time.

It’s small wonders, really. Just a little moment to appreciate a little something and feel a bit better about your day because of it.

I don’t know about you but more stuff like that seems, well, nice.